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The Tattoo Guide

Do it

Today’s the day. You’re ready to roll if:

  • You have your design or inspiration to show us
  • You’ve had your consultation with one of our artists and put down your $150 deposit
  • You have a government-issued ID proving your 18 or older
  • You have no sunburn, scars or broken skin in the area you want to have tattooed
  • You’ve got a full stomach and clear head. We can’t tattoo you if you’re on blood thinners or if you’ve had anything to drink.

All set? Come in. Get comfortable. There’s no rush on our part. We start by drawing your design, which you’ll approve before we make anything permanent. Then we’ll get to work, talking to you throughout the process. You’re part of the H&H family now, so let’s get better acquainted. And when we’re all done, we’ll give you careful instructions on how to care for your new masterpiece – which we know you’re going to love.


Once we get you comfortable, we’ll get to work.

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