All about aftercare

Congrats! You’ve just added a stunning piece of art to your body!

Whether this is your first tattoo or you’re fully inked, it’s important to put the time and effort into protecting your investment so it looks vibrant and crisp for years to come. That’s where we come in.

When it comes to trying your luck here in Vegas, we suggest you do so on the Strip, not with caring for your new tattoo. So, two of our Hart & Huntington Vegas tattoo artists, Lacey and Damien, share their pro tips for tattoo aftercare.

1. Take Notes.

Damien tells his clients how to care for their tattoo multiple times during their appointment, before, during, and after. That’s how important tattoo aftercare is. This is one way for Damien to set his clients up for success.

“I go through the next 24 hours, so they know what to do once they get home. We’ll discuss when to change the bandage, how to shower, and how to reapply a new bandage.”
2. Keep it clean.

“Tattooing creates an open wound, so you must treat it as one. The most important thing you can do is to keep it clean,” says Lacey. “Cleanliness is so important.”

Gone are the days when you’d leave a tattoo shop with plastic wrap and a paper towel protecting your new body art. Today’s protective covering is a lot safer and a lot less messy.

3. Follow through.

Your tattoo artist will apply your first bandage which is typically left on for about 24 hours. After 24 hours, or as directed by your tattoo artist, you’re going to remove your bandage and apply a new one. The easiest way to do this is in the shower. Once your bandage is wet, start at one corner and gently peel it off. Use your hands, not a washcloth or loofah, to gently wash your tattoo with a mild, unscented soap. Dry the tattoo with a clean towel. Then apply your next bandage which you will leave on for 5-8 days, depending on the instructions you were given and the size of your tattoo. Most tattoo artists do not recommend leaving any bandage on for longer than 5 days.

4. Keep it dry.

Until your tattoo is completely healed, the biggest concern is preventing infection. “You’ve got to remember you are healing a wound, so you need to treat it as one,” says Lacey. And, that means steering clear of hot tubs, pools, or any other place where germs can enter your tattoo.

5. It’s showtime.

After a week to ten days, your tattoo should be pretty much healed. At this point you can show off your new piece of art! But it’s still important to take care of your investment.

6. Protect it.

Keep your tattoo protected from the sun from the moment you get it. Even when you have your bandage on, be sure to provide additional coverage by wearing loose-fitting clothes to shade the bandage. Once your bandage is off, always cover your tattoo with sunscreen.

7. All things old are new again.

Damien stresses that the best thing you can do is just look after your tattoo.

"We sell a full line of after-care products here at Hart & Huntington.”

Damien continues, “When your tattoo starts to look a little powdery give it a good scrub, apply some lotion, and it comes up looking like a million dollars.” A little love goes a long way. “If you take care of your tattoo the right way it will look as good as new for years.”

Hart and Huntington Las Vegas has a full line of after care products that will keep your tattoo looking great. Think of us as your one-stop tattoo shop. We’ve got you—from start to finish—so set up a consultation with one of our highly skilled tattoo artists or stop into our shop for some more great tattoo advice.