Give your tattoo a shot of something legendary.

Carey Hart didn’t ask for permission to ride. He wasn’t shy when his bike hit the dirt. He didn’t wait his turn to be one of Freestyle Motocross’s legends. And he doesn’t follow some preconceived notion of what his image should be, either. Riding, tattooing, raising his family, they’re all approached the same way—with grit, guts and adrenaline-spiked passion. We wanted to do more than inspire people with it. So we’ve bottled it up. 

It's called Indian Motorcycle Ink.

The very liquid that fuels legend Carey Hart’s motorcycle was safely converted to INK for your tattoo

From Carey’s bike, we extract the carbon ash from its burnout and exhaust into a vial. We remove the carbon powder, measure and sterilize it with relentless precision. We add sterile distilled water and ethyl alcohol to suspend its pigment then add tattoo ink.

The very liquid that fuels legend Carey Hart’s motorcycle can be safely converted to ink for your tattoo. And it’s not just reserved for the super fans but also for the tattoo collectors, the motorcycle lovers or even those in serious need of a kick in the pants to get out there and make things happen. This is taking your tattoo one step further and it’s like nothing else out there. Because every tattoo has a story. Indian Motorcycle Ink tattoos have a legend. 

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Indian Motorcycle Ink is available while supplies last.
Each tattoo made with Indian Motorcycle Ink comes with a certificate of Authenticity signed by Carey Hart.