A marker in time.

Significant moments in life are easily remembered for Parker Cooper.
Tattoos are like marking a point in time, like a mile marker in your life.

When he got his first Tattoo, it didn’t take long to get hooked.

I got my first tattoo in the Navy. I don’t know, I just got addicted after that. If you have some conflict in your life, getting a tattoo is very centering. It gets your head off stuff that isn’t relevant.

His first tattoos weren’t the most thought out, though.

My first ones were simple and basic—more impulsive. Once I figured out what I liked, I became more of a collector.

As his interest in tattoos grew, he kept an eye out for opportunities for new ink. That’s when a bit of luck brought him to H&H.

My son, Sebastian, used to be a professional archer. And the largest archery tournament in the world is in Las Vegas. One year while at the tournament, we decided to race go-carts for fun and ended up racing with BJ, the manger at H&H, on his birthday. We were both already interested in tattoos, so we went to visit the shop and started getting tattooed at H&H from there.

That chance meeting lead to unforgettable memories for them both. 

It’s just a different experience. The professionalism, artistry, and the way they approach it is just totally different than any other shop. We’ve been there so much, it’s like family now.

Parker was paired with Lacey at H&H Tattoo Co. Las Vegas, and he’s only ever worked with her  since. 

She’s an artist. I’ve had no complaints at all. We know each other so well, we talk about everything. It’s not often you can get an incredible tattoo and talk to an incredible person.

When it comes to the style of tattoos he likes, Lacey wins there, too. 

I like black and gray tattoos, partly because it requires a lot of talent to make a good one. The black and gray that Lacey does is so good, you don’t need any color.

Lacey knows just what to do with Parker’s tattoo concepts.

I don’t always have a polished idea. I give it to Lacey and let her add her input. But, sometimes a tattoo picks you.

His last tattoo with Lacey is one that turns heads.

The tattoo represents two different parts of my personality. One side is a Samurai and the other side a Buddha. The Buddha being the bigger side. It’s more important to me to be peaceful and forgiving. 

She did the Samurai first, about a year ago, and you can’t even tell it was done at different times. Everyone remarks how it looks like it was all done at once, but it was done a year apart. 

Tattoo has becoming something Parker and Sebastian bond over.

It’s something we’re both into. Sebastian got his first when he was 18. We’ve been back every year since. They’ve been really good to him. He has more work done at H&H than I do.

There’s also a bit of a rivalry happening.

It’s become a competition. I’ll sit for nine hours, then he’s going to sit for 10. He’s always trying to beat me.

If you’re out to get a tattoo, Parker has some thoughts to share:

Pick the artist before the design. I always tell everyone, “Don’t get a tattoo on sale.” I don’t look at price as much, but at the artist and their ability. Pick someone good that knows what they’re doing. You’re going to have it forever.

And if you’re considering H&H, it’s a no-brainer for him.

I would encourage them to go. They’ll be in very good hands. I’d rather pay extra to fly to H&H to get a good quality piece from someone I can trust. Even when I go to shops where I live, they’re amazed at how good my tattoos are. Their execution is flawless.