Black and Gray tattoos

Make a monochrome statement.

If you’ve been to Las Vegas, you know it’s a city that’s hard to forget. Getting a tattoo here should have the same effect.

Hart & Huntington Las Vegas is the best place in Las Vegas to get a tattoo that’s both beautiful and skillfully applied. But your ink doesn’t need to be colorful to be memorable.

Black & Gray tattoos are, in a word, classic. They simply use black ink and water to create almost any design you have in mind, and when they’re done well, they’re unforgettable.

Black & Gray tattoos look like pencil or pen-and-ink drawings with various line weights, lots of shading and a crazy amount of detail. It’s why this is a tattoo style that only the best tattoo artists can pull off.

That’s saying something for a style that started in a California jail cell back in the 70s, when prisoners strung together whatever they could find to scratch amateur designs on their cellmates.

Today, Black & Gray is one of the most respected tattoo styles you can get. They also tend to last the longest because the black edges keep the ink in check, staying crisp even as the body ages.

But Black & Gray tattoos can easily go wrong. Make a mistake, and it’s hard to correct dark black ink on skin without making a mess. That’s why you should only trust the exceptional Las Vegas tattoo artists at Hart & Huntington Las Vegas with your Black & Gray tattoo.

Our tattoo artists have years of experiences perfecting Black & Gray tattoos, doing nothing but clean work with staying power. Set up a consultation at Hart & Huntington Las Vegas today to make your monochrome statement while you’re in Sin City, and take it with you wherever you go.

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