Fine Line tattoos

Tokens you can take home.

Play your cards right in Vegas, and you might leave town with more money than you came with, but it’s much less of a gamble to spend your pennies on a Fine Line tattoo instead.

Also known as Micro tattoos, Fine Line tattoos are small designs less than 2 inches or so, making them a more affordable option whether you’re starting or growing your ink collection. The fact they don’t take up much space means you can get a bunch of them all at once or over time.

Fine Line tattoos are a great option if you want to be discreet with your ink (not that you should). Aside from being small though, Micro tattoos are characterized by their simple use of razor lines, black ink, and very little to no shading at all.

Consider them little tokens of who you are: what you like, where you’ve been, who you love. Each can represent something or someone meaningful, or just a cool design you want to wear.

The trick is to keep Fine Line tattoos clean and simple. The more detail, the less likely they’ll age well, especially if you spend a lot of your time soaking up the Las Vegas sun.

Sure, it’s great if you go home from Las Vegas with cash winnings, but even better if you leave with a Fine Line tattoo to commemorate your time in Sin City, whether you’re visiting or call the desert home.

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