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Memories Are Written In Vegas

There's a saying in Vegas, "Life is like a poker game; it's not what you're given—it's how you use it." Speaking of sayings, tattooing them on your body is a rising trend. Lucky for us, our talented tattoo artists at Hart & Huntington Las Vegas are pretty skilled at using what they are given to create jaw-dropping tattoos—especially lettering and script tattoos. These, by the way, are pretty difficult to master because they must be created in the proper font to be legible and convey the desired emotion. Otherwise, you may end up with something that looks like a note you scribbled to your kindergarten crush—not ideal.

Done right, lettering and script tattoos look incredible. Besides, what better way to remember your mantra, inspirational quote, or your kids' names—heck, this is Vegas, there may be a time when you need to remember your own name.

So what do you need to know if you're considering a lettering or script tattoo

The font sets your tone
For inspirational messages or to memorialize someone, flowing script style letters are a great choice. Some of the most popular fonts for lettering and script tattoos are Chicano, Handwritten, Starella, and Dayles Script Font Lettering. Want a Neotradiotanl tattoo? Maritime and nautical fonts are a perfect fit. Into art deco? Try NOIR et BLANC. If bold, colorful graffiti is your thing, you’ll love Madison Street Graffiti font. For the minimalists out there who like a clean modern feel, Prime-modern bold Sans Serif Font is all you. But you get the idea. By simply choosing the right font, one that matches your vibe you’re already halfway there. Just make sure you see it written out first, and the letters look as you imagined.

Grammarly your message
Trust us. Skip the punctuation on your text messages. Misspell words all day long in an email to your boss (or not, probably not a good idea). But run your quote, name, bible verse, or mantra through spell check, Grammarly, your sixth grade English teacher—whatever it takes to be sure that it’s spelled correctly and the punctuation is on point. You've undoubtedly seen the case of the missing comma in "Let's eat grandpa" versus "Let's eat, grandpa." Enough said.

Size & placement
Consult with your tattoo artist on placement if you have a longer quote or message. You want to be sure that there is enough room and the letters are not too close together. You want your ink and letters to look crisp and clear. Someone standing a few feet away should have a pretty good idea of what it says.

Quotes in other languages
Japanese-lettering tattoos are hot right now. Just talk to someone who speaks Japanese or knows the culture that you wish to translate a saying to so that it is culturally accurate. Quotes in other languages can make you look well-traveled and worldly, but they can backfire if not translated correctly. It may be an urban legend but there’s a story circulating of a bald, middle-aged white guy with Chinese letters that translate to “I’m a cute little princess.” Hey, maybe he is, but just be sure it says what you mean.

Consult with a skilled lettering and script tattoo artist
Our tattoo artists here at Hart & Huntington Las Vegas are serious about their work. They've been doing this for a LONG time. Schedule a consultation and run your ideas for lettering and script tattoos by them. Plus, our shop is pretty cool. We aren't going to lie; it's a great place to check out, browse around, and meet some awesome tattoo artists. 

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Like Lettering And Script tattoos?

Discover how we help our clients get their own Lettering And Script tattoo.

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