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When it comes to tattoos, what happens in Vegas doesn’t actually stay in Vegas. Ink is for life, and if you got a tattoo in Sin City (or elsewhere) that just isn’t jiving with you anymore, you know that all too well.

But whether you got it on a dare, after one too many, or for other reasons you regret to this day (no judgement here), your unwanted tattoo doesn’t have to be forever. At least not the way it looks now.

Just like a bad hangover, the tattoo artists at Hart & Huntington Las Vegas can fix the bad vibes that come with a bad tattoo with a little hair of the dog. We’ll reimagine your old ink into something fresh and new you’ll be proud to rock.

Doesn’t matter how big or small your old tattoo is. How distorted or muddy. How colorful or dull. Our Las Vegas tattoo artists know how to morph the previous design into something you’ll love forever.

Our Las Vegas tattoo shop is just off the Strip in the rare part of town where good decisions are made. No matter which of our artists you choose to do your dirty work, you’ll walk away with a coverup tattoo that erases all the evidence of the “night before” with a design that looks like it was your original idea all along.

Las Vegas is a place where you can make something out of practically nothing. We can’t promise you that at the tables, but we can make good on it when it comes to your coverup tattoo.

Submit an appointment request or stop by our Las Vegas tattoo shop today to schedule a consultation. We’ll introduce you to one of our artists who specializes in the tattoo style you love most. Together, you’ll dream up a new piece that makes the best of the ink you’ve already got. When all is said and done, you’ll leave here with no regrets, just a new piece of art you’ll never want to cover up again.

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