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Show some character.

There’s nowhere on this planet quite like Las Vegas. This is a city where anyone and everyone belongs, where you can find whatever makes you tick and do whatever makes you smile. No judgement. No regrets.

Come here, and feel free to show your true colors. That’s especially the case if you’re one of the thousands of people who visit Las Vegas for Anime fandom conventions. Anime cosplay might be your jam, but we prefer a more permanent expression of this under-appreciated artform: Anime tattoos.

Here at Hart & Huntington Las Vegas, we’ve not only designed and applied a bunch of Anime tattoos, we’re also fans of Anime ourselves. In fact, we think Anime tattoos are one of the most exciting and inspiring tattoo styles out there. Why?

Anime tattoos are incredibly expressive, colorful and fantastical. Whether you’re a fan of classics like Pokemon, Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball Z or into some of the newer stories to hit the Anime scene, all Anime tattoos are creative and unique in their own right.

That’s because Anime and Anime tattoos don’t conform to societal norms. Characters are free to be whatever they please, half-person, half-animal. A mythical creature. A supernatural force. Whatever you say, goes.

Most of the Anime tattoos we do at our Las Vegas tattoo shop have large, soulful eyes, flowing hair and lots of movement with action lines for impact. Some are softer with muted colors and fine lines. Others are bright and unapologetically bold. What they all have in common is the way they show the passion and personality of the awesome people that wear them.

So show some real character next time you’re in Sin City. Set up a consultation at Hart & Huntington Las Vegas to get an Anime tattoo that’s uniquely you.

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