Las Vegas Inspired tattoos

The ultimate Sin City souvenir.

If you’re going to get a Las Vegas tattoo, you’ve got to get it at Hart & Huntington.

We opened the world’s first Las Vegas casino tattoo parlor back in 2004 and have called the Strip home ever since.

Our shop at Caesars Palace is a Vegas landmark in its own right. Whether you’re on vacation or call yourself a local, stop by and say hey next time you’re in town. Better yet, stay awhile and add a legendary piece of ink to your collection.

Our Las Vegas tattoo artists are the best at bringing the bright lights of the desert to life. We’re proud of our Sin City start and love to help people from all over the world pay tribute to it with a piece of art they can wear forever.

Slot machines, roulette tables, cacti, lucky dice, the iconic Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas name it, we’ve done it.

Same goes for lifelike portraits of the people that put this part of the desert on the map: Sinatra, Elvis, Marilyn—even our founder Carey Hart. He rocks a rad collection of Vegas tattoos of his own.

Set up a consultation to meet with one of our talented Las Vegas tattoo artists and walk out of here feeling like you hit the jackpot. We’ll help you dream up and design a Las Vegas tattoo that’ll always remind you of the good times you had here.

Whether you get lucky at the tables or not, our Las Vegas tattoos are for winners.

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