Realism tattoos

Wear your art on your sleeve.

Nothing makes a better Las Vegas souvenir than a tattoo. If you’re looking to get some ink that’ll be the envy of everyone at home, you might want to consider the Realism style.

Realism tattoos are as lifelike as they come, with tons of shading and detailing to make them look natural and proportionate. They’re true works of art. That’s why portraits are best in this style—they allow for the tattoo artist to do their best work and for you to pay tribute to a person, place or object that means something to you.

Full color. Black-and-grey. Whatever. Realism can rock any spectrum you want.

But Realism tattoos aren’t for the faint of heart. Then again, neither is Las Vegas. Just like your time in Sin City, you’ve gotta do it big when you do a Realism piece. Full sleeves and torsos are where it’s at. Anything small likely won’t last or look good long-term.

If you dare to do a Realism tattoo, prepare to spend a good amount of time in the shop. Some pieces are so intricate they may even require multiple visits. (That’s just a good excuse for a repeat trip to Vegas though, right?)

All that patience and perseverance will pay off. From the moment you look in the mirror and see your finished Realism tattoo, you’ll never want it under wraps. Even in sweater weather.

When you find a great Las Vegas tattoo artist to pull it off, Realism tattoos can be jaw-dropping at the very least. Hart & Huntington Las Vegas has a crew of the best in the business, each brimming with experience in the Realism style and eager to make your day with a Realism tattoo you’ll love from the moment you unwrap it.

From placement to perfecting every little detail, we’ll ensure you leave with realistic ink more rewarding than hitting the jackpot. Because tattoos shouldn’t be something you gamble on—even in Las Vegas.

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